OBDclick and Amazon

OBDclick is not available on platforms such as Amazon for several reasons:

  1. Supply chain control: By selling exclusively on their official website, the manufacturer can ensure that each product sold is authentic and comes directly from their production facilities. This helps to reduce the risks of counterfeiting and guarantees a better product quality for customers.
  2. Dedicated program: Other counterfeit products on Amazon do not have a dedicated program. The OBDclick manufacturer wants to provide an optimal user experience, with dedicated customer support and quality after-sales service. By selling directly on their official website, they can provide a personalized service tailored to each customer's needs.
  3. Brand protection: By avoiding selling on third-party platforms, the manufacturer can protect their brand and reputation. It is more difficult for counterfeiters to sell products imitating OBDclick if it is only available on the official website.
  4. Competitive pricing: By selling directly to consumers, the manufacturer can offer competitive prices without considering commissions and fees associated with third-party platforms. This allows offering better value for money to customers.

In summary, it is crucial to purchase OBDclick only from the manufacturer's official website to guarantee an authentic, high-quality product and benefit from dedicated customer support. Platforms such as Amazon pose risks of counterfeiting and do not offer the advantages provided by the manufacturer's official sites. For customers in different countries, specific sites are available such as obdclick.com for general information, obdclick.co.uk in the United Kingdom, obdclick.ie in Ireland, obdclick.se in Sweden, obdclick.no in Norway, and obdclick.nl in the Netherlands...