Install and Use OBDclick: Free Vehicle Diagnostics on your iPhone/iPad [WIFI]

You can be part of the testers for the new iPhone/iPad version of the OBDclick application which allows you to erase faults for Free and without Subscription.
You need to follow these steps in order to easily install the application on your iPhone/iPad.


At this stage, make sure that the OBDclick device is NOT yet connected to your vehicle. It is best to check this tutorial from the iPhone/iPad on which you want to install OBDclick (in order to directly access on the installation links)

Installing the Testflight application

You must first install the "Testflight" application by clicking on this link:

appstore download testflight

Then press "install".

If you already have the "Testflight" application installed, you can directly go to step 2.
Once the installation is complete, come back here to continue the OBDclick setup.

Installing OBDclick on your iPhone/iPad

Once the "Testflight" application is installed, click on the link below to start the installation of OBDclick:

Appstore download OBDclick App for iOS

The OBDclick application screen appears, you just have to click on "Install". The OBDclick application is now installed on your iPhone/iPad, you can click on "open" and move on to the next step.

Settings during first use

At this stage, make sure that the OBDclick device is NOT yet connected to your vehicle. And that your iPhone/iPad is connected to the internet.

When opening the application, a screen asks you if you already have the OBDclick interface. If you have already received your White OBDclick box (with the BT 4.0 logo on the back of the box) click on "I already have an OBDclick interface".

Creating an account during the first use

Creating an account allows you to make backups and access your data at any time. It is also possible to use the application without creating an account (by clicking on "continue without account").

OBDclick app creating a user id

If you already have an account and you know your password, click on "Already Registered" and enter your email and password.

Otherwise, start by entering your name and email address (make sure to check it). You must also choose a password and remember it, it will allow you to log into the application later. For security reasons, the password must contain at least 8 characters, with at least one letter and one number.

Once all this is filled in, you can press "Next".

You will then receive a 6-digit code at the email address you provided, which verifies that the email address belongs to you. You need to enter this code in the "######" field and press "Start".

OBDclick app email verification Step

First Vehicle Connection

Get your OBDclick box. Locate your vehicle's OBD socket: it is generally found in area A or B (see photo below). On some models, it can be in zone C or D.

OBDclick OBD socket location

Plug the OBDclick interface and turn on the ignition.

Plug the OBDclick dongle in the OBD2 socket

On your iPhone/iPad, go to settings, then to Wifi, choose the Wifi network “OBDclick”, and wait for the connection to establish and for the wifi logo to appear at the top of your screen.

Wifi selection OBDclick app

You can now return to the OBDclick application to connect your vehicle.

At the top of the "Diagnostic" menu, please choose the "Wifi" connection type. Then press "Connect my vehicle".

wifi connection choice

On the following screen, you can choose your make, model year, and fuel type for your vehicle.

Select your car make and model OBDclick app

Then press "Connect my vehicle". After a few moments of searching, your vehicle is now connected, you can go to the application menus. These have an icon (?) which allows you to learn more about their functions.

Using the OBDclick app

We greatly need your opinions, suggestions, and feedback on the difficulties encountered in order to further perfect the application. You can send us an email by clicking on this link: