OBDclick Connection Problem

Having a connection problem between your car and the OBDclick device?

It may be necessary to retry the connection after starting the vehicle this time.
If necessary, also remove the OBDclick Bluetooth device from the list of devices and then pair it again using the code 1234, following the manual below in order:

You can directly download the update of our application here: Click here 

OBD Interface and Compatible Devices

The OBDclick app for Android requires 2 things to work properly:

1/ An OBDclick interface (either in Bluetooth or Wifi)
2/ An Android smartphone or Android tablet


Connecting the interface to your OBD socket

Locate the 16-pin OBD diagnostic socket, it is usually found in area A or B (see picture below). On some models, it may be in area C or D

OBDclick socket location photo

Turn on the ignition and plug your OBDclick interface into the OBD2 port. A red light confirms that the interface is ready to be used.


Connecting the OBDclick app on your smartphone to the OBD interface

You will then need to go to the settings of your Smartphone or Tablet and Click on Bluetooth, select the device named OBDclick. You will then pair your interface via Bluetooth just like any other device (e.g., Headset).


Android settings

OBDclick Bluetooth detection

If a PIN code is requested, enter 1234 and validate.

Your smartphone is now associated with your OBDclick Device.

Starting the OBDclick application

Important Note: on some vehicles, it may be necessary to start the engine before launching the application.

Download (if not already done) the "OBDclick" application on this link: click here

You can also download the application directly on your phone by typing "obdclick.com/app" (in the web browser of your smartphone or tablet) or on the Google Play Store by typing "OBDCLICK".

Once the installation is complete, you can launch it from the applications screen as shown:

Click on the CONNECT button. The OBDclick app will then try to communicate with the vehicle. If everything is set up correctly, the connection will be successful. If not, please check the previous steps carefully and retry.

If the problem persists, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service